Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday, Friday,
Actually i gotta be free for whole day, and going for class party at night..
But, in a sudden,
everything changed.

As normal, every morning i wake up and had my breakfast,
then i maybe online, watch movie, reading or anything else.
In additional, I'm also waiting my dear to msg me.
For yesterday, 10 something when I'm watching movie.
My dear msg me, she going to reach her work place, then she ask what am I doing.
Okay, just as normal, nothing special, so I answered her.

After the msg, suddenly, someone knock my house door,
Then I just ignore it, because I'm thinking it maybe promoter or something else.
Second, knock knock knock,
Don't care.
Third, knock knock knock,
Haiz, just go open the door and see what is going on.

Once, I opened the door.
Omg, Is my dear.
She OFF today.
She didn't told me that, and she can even kept the secret for a week,
because of she want to plan a surprise for me.
Ya, dear, It is Successful.
I'm really surprise.

I had made a choice that I think I'm not able to join the class party.
Because of my dear.
She did alots for me. I can't leave her alone.

When we are chating in the room,
She suddenly took out a box of Ferrero Rocher for me.
One of my favourite chocolate.
Omg, second surprise!
And even below every ferrero, it had a text paper which writen what she going to tell me.
Our promises, Our love, Our story.
In additional, I cried when I saw all the text paper.
It is really touching me.

Then we take a shower and we are going to Pavilion for a movie - 2012.
My car park at Sungai Wang.
It is raining right now, but not that heavy.
My dear insisted that we want to go Pavilion no matter there is raining.
She said she really want to acompany me to watch 2012.
Somemore before this, we had 2months never went for a movie.
So, okay, go Pavilion!

Once we reached Pavilion, then straight away we go to cinema.
Once I saw the ticket counter....
What the fuck. The "Q" is so long.
When is my turn o..........?
Suddenly, my dear take out 2 movie tickets from her wallet.
Which is the movie 2012 going to on show in 5minits later.
Omg, the third surprise!
She told me that she had bought the ticket few days ago.

After the movie,
we had our dinner at Pepper Lunch.
Not bad. Quite tasty!

After dinner, we went for shopping
and take photo around with the christmas display.

Both of us inside the red jingle ball..XD

Goodbye lu... Such a long time we never went for shopping and movie together.

Dear, thanks for what you had plan for me.
What you had did for me.
I appreciated and I love you.

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