Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday night,
Your tears was uncontrollable,
Because of me,
I'm Sorry..

What I can do is,
with my hand, I will wipe your tears.
And every words you spoke to me,
I will never forget.

U said, I had change.
I seems not that love you anymore.
You spoke to me.

You: Last time, when I'm not feeling well, you will come and find me, care about me.
But now, you didn't.

You: Last time, you like me to hug you always.
But now, you seems don't care.

You: Last time, when I bought you a little things, no matter what, you will be very happy.
But now, you seems no feeling at all.

You: Last time, you bought me something, you will never give it to me like this. You will kiss me and make some surprise, then only you give me the things you bought for me.
But now, you just give as normal.

You: I really think that, why am I still sleeping beside you?

I: Because you love me.

What I can say is
"I love you too."

If there is reason, I won't explain,
because I don't want the reason to be my excuses.
I won't say sorry, because I know that sorry is not what you want.
And, everyone should know that
"Sorry doesn't mean anything."

You care about me,
You care about us,
even a tiny part of our life.
With your heart, you really care more about what I care.

I know that I love you so much,
But from yesterday onwards,
I realized that I'm wrong.
You are only the one who love me more than I love you.

I appreciated you.

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