Saturday, November 7, 2009

For you

For you, my dear.
7months+ we gone through ups and downs. Love is just another tough journey for me.
The story between us is just an "accident"

2years before I accompany my friend to interview. Not me.
But, the company needs vacancy. They did interview me.
Unexpected, they arranged me to work with you at the same shop.
I knew you, since we were working in the same company. We were workmates.
After I left the company, we were still friends and sometimes we will meet around your working area.
Time past, 1year later, still the same.
After this, we didn't meet for few months.
But, when the day we meet again, you looked into my eyes
and everything is out of my control, out of my expect.
At last, everything is just out of our action.

U and Me never expect that we will be couple.
U and Me never expect that we will loving each other. And...
U and Me never expect that we can't live without each other.
Today, I asked.
If 1 day, you can't wake me up, what are you going to do?
You: Push you, push until you wake up.
I: How is it if still won't wake up?
You: Don't care. I will slap you, slap until you wake up.
I: Still won't wake up?
You: I will call ambulance.
I: If call the ambulance also useless? I am just no longer alive.
You: If really like that, I will eat sleeping pil.
I: Why?
You: Because you also don't want to wake up.

At this moment, I understood what the sleeping pill means.
You want to go with me if I am no longer alive.
I know you love me.
But, promise me, if I'm really no longer alive,
Your life must still stay meaningful.
You have to be tough if there is no more shoulder for you to rely.
You must not cry if there is no more hands to wipe your tears.
You need to be brave if there is no more foot to drive the mouse and cockroach away.
You must be able to face the dark if there is no more arm for you to hold.
You must eat your meal regularly if there is no more voice to remind you.
You must remember to sleep early if there is no more waist for you to hug.
You must still be happy if there is no more ME to make you laugh.

1 comment:

  1. * sob sob *

    i can feel the "pain" if this thing happened on me...sob sob..tis sound emo...and kind of touching when i read the last part.....

    eh fren, u must also stay strong no matter wat leh..we dont want to lose a crazy siao siao fren like fact, we cant afford to lose u, u know? our heart is made up of glass. >< appreciate what u have right now b4 everything is too late...this is the only thing that we can do as we duno wat will happen on our own at the next day..

    jiayou bah minzzy! don think too much dont emo liao..

    Chees my fren ! =D