Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A day

Hmm.. Today I went to Genting alone..
This is the first time I went there alone.
It can consider one of my experience too..

Went to... enjoy the natural cold wind and the fresh air.
Went to... leave myself alone.
Went to... "fresh" my mind.
 Went to.... Quite myself, my brain and whatever.

 Once I reached Genting, I bought my favourite cookies,
Famous Amos Chocolate Chips No Nut.
Next, Of course. STARBUCKS lah, my favourite cafe.
I went to the Starbucks at Highlands Hotel.
One of the Starbucks that I prefer alots, espeacially when it is night..
Sumore now having the decoration of Christmas..
One of the most prefer festival for Me..
I had my favourite bread, Chicken Onion roll,
and of course one of my favourite drinks - Toffee Nut Latte.
Enjoy all my favourites.
This is the drinks that every christmas season will only release.
So, every year after the christmas, I have to wait for 1year, then I only can drinks again.

So enjoyable hor.. But..
In additional, I'm oso doing my final perspective - Bungalow at starbucks. ==
Some more,
Unfortunately, I think I left my dearest putty eraser at Student Lounge 2,
So that, I cant finish the final at genting. I need to come back and do the final touch up. Isshh..

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