Saturday, April 17, 2010

One of the Beginning of Dreams

Basically, I am going to end Semester 4 after Monday 4oclock.

From now onwards, I am trying to begin one of my dreams.
I had step in the first step towards my dreams.
I think it is time and also a good timing for me to start it.

I won't directly mention what is it right now.
But, I hope it will be a good experience for me to gain it
before i fully step into my dreams.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kuala Selangor

Since when I back from CNY, such a long time never updated my blog.
Kuala Selangor is one of the place that I went during my CNY holidays.

Hmm.. Nothing much about there actually.
I am just enjoy using my DSLR camera to capture some nice photos.
Photography. I really like it.

Okay, Show time.

Emo look, my little cousin.
She is just like another Me!

Can you see the dragon?
Actually the dragon you can see is 2 heads de..
Check it out carefully, you really can see 2heads at the same part.

Next Day,

Honestly, I am just enjoying capture photos during the trip! XD

Saturday, February 13, 2010

ChineseNewYear Eve + Valentine Eve

Actually, can say so never celebrate valentine day lor.. XD
It is just normal as normal day.
Nevermind lah, remembered what baby said.
If together good enough and sweet enough,
everyday also is valentine day.
But, I really hope those important day will be more special.
Hope so next valentine can be unforgetten.

Chinese New Year Eve,
we eat dinner together, my family and with my dear.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The same part of the sky,
As I post the 6 photos, the timeline in between is just around 1minute.

Actually it is much more nicer before I snap the first photo.
The pink colour part is more obvious and the colour was sharper.

Basically, it is a day that I went home, and I saw the sky is pretty nice.
So, I quickly rush into my house and grab my camera.
But unfortunately when I get my camera and ready to snap,
not even more than 2minutes lah actually,
but the sky already changed alots compare to what I saw before 2minutes.

It is also the reason that why I like the sky.
It is really interesting and it will be different every moment.


I like the mode of sepia suit with the fan.
I really like this photo very much.
I remembered when I shoot this photo,
it was my birthday celebration,
and 1 of my friend ask me, am I crazy?
Haha. It's not lah..
It's my feeling that I wanna shoot the fan when I look up the ceiling. 
The result is not bad right? XD

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orphange "Rumah Hope"

Today, we went to Rumah Hope to do our moral social project.
It is really extremely tired, like just finish climbing. XD

We have few activities for children.
1- Using angpow to make CNY decoration.
2- Make pop-up
3- Games session

First of all, I would like to say, when I saw them happy,
I am also happy with them.
Hopefully all of us have the same feeling.

What we can help and donate, is just a little.
But what we can give the most is happiness and memories.

Making CNY decoration

They hang the decoration at the both side of the entrance.


It is really touching me that they wrote
"home sweet home", "my sweet home"..
It is kind of feeling that they really hope to have a sweet home.

When I saw it, I think about myself,
and I am even 100times happiness then them.
Many people too.

Really, appreciate what you have now.

Game session

Lastly, It is time for us to leave. Byebye every children.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shopping Day with Dear

It is friday,
actually nothing for me to do except studying.

Early in the morning,
I called my dear and we chat not more than 1minute,
because she reached her working place.

Okay, fine.
Then i continue will my things.
Suddenly my hp rang,
wow, my dear!
She ask where am I and asked me open the door.

I really suprised.
Because she is not suppose to off on friday.
She just off on tuesday.

I fetch her to saloon,
she want her hair to be curl.
Then I go for CGPP class, and she shopping alone while waiting me.

After class, we went for dinner and shopping together.