Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finished Roadshow Job

Finally, we had finished 20 round of roadshow job.
Quite suffer because need to wake up early in the morning.
But, now is definately happy because it is all over and we don't need to see the "woman" anymore.

Sorry about that,
I really want to scold out here about that "best woman" that I had ever met.
If not I will be like her had a imbalance mental. XP
Once you met her,
If you are a male, you should know that every woman besides you is still better,
If you are a female, you should know that you are still the better one.
Even me, also not interested to fuck her.
Really feel pity about her.

Specially to my Baby
Baby, you need to know that,
You are really a great woman.
In my heart, you are always the best one.
You have good attitute and good manners.
You talk nicely and you are gentle.
You loves me and cares about me.
I love you.

Okay, stop talking about that.
1st day of the roadshow,
She didn't tell us what to do and she expect us to know what to do at all.
Then, she starting scolding and scolding us.
Scold this, then scold that, and this and that.
Okay, Fine.
Then, next round, scold us late set up.
9a.m. show, 9a.m. need to complete set up and have the sampling for drinks.
5p.m. then 5p.m. need to have drinks.
Okay, fine again.
We remembered what you scolded.

After that, we really met the time and complete set up before the roadshow.
Everyday before the show, 3 of us were guessing what she going to scold later.
Then, okay, we did well, she didn't scold for 3 days like that.
Then, later she start scolding her stuff,

"Why that banner will lose colour?
Why the colour become lighter?
why bla? why blabla? why blablabla?
If you don't know how to find a good quality printing company, tell me!
then, continue blablabla."
Scold until her stuff seems like there is tears in her eyes already.

What the hell o...
Even the best quality of printing,
everyday placing under the sun, everyday placing when there is rain,
also will lose colour de lah.
Common Sense lah.
Very easy only mah, the "best woman" stand under the sun everyday also will be darker lah,
So, what is the point so weird that the banner will lose colour?

The next day, even another of her stuff not yet start working,
Then she called her stuff and scold scold scold again about the banner.
She came this day.
From the first step she reached us, she started scolding.
"Why never help to put the stock on the cupboard?
What wrong about you all? Never arrange stock!
Poster leh? Why never stick poster inside de?
Then, when she scolding, I said something.
Then, she said
"You are not the one who deal with me, so just keep you mouth shut."
Okay, FINE, just keep my mouth shut!
Don't expect that I will talk to you automatically anymore from now onwards!
She continue scolding and scolding.
The worst is she scold we seems like being relaxing when working.
we suffer, she don't know!
What time we wake up? What time we start set up?
How many sales did we push?
We relax?
Watch your words lah, please!
Somemore want to say,
"I treat you good, you all also need to treat me good de mah."
Again, WHAT THE FUCK you means?
you treat us good?
Everything we did properly for you,
you want the roadshow met the time to start.
Okay, we did for you.
What you want us to do, we did for you.
Is it we don't treat you good?
Something that you never tell us to do, you think we will know what to do?
You just expect that you never tell, then we will know what to do.
Common Sense lah, we are not the worms in your stomach lah.
Then, you keep scolding.
Can not tell properly de meh?
Always must scold must scold.
Scold until others people are keep laughing on you because you are scolding NON-STOP.
Behave yourself lah, please!

Another show, she asked me the sales.
Then I just answer the correct number and without looking at her.
I am just talking to my sales book.
Then, she asked another question,
I am also answering my sales book.
After that, I continue promote the things.
Her face seems turning into black colour.
That's good, waiting her to scold me and we will have something to laugh.

Next, another show,
Following our schedule,
our roadshow start from 9a.m.
Okay, we set up and be prepared before 9a.m.
But, after 9, the shop still not open yet,
then we called and asked, the boss said 10a.m. only will open.
Nevermind, our schedule is 9a.m.,
so 9a.m. the sampling of drinks and set up all is complete prepared.
Then, when she reached,
Again, Scolding.
"Why you all so early set up?
you all also don't know where to put the table,
later still need to move."
Then, JiaMin answered
"In expected, also need to move de lah."
Then we together laugh and sit at the corner.
For me, I won't look at her, and I also won't talk to her.
So, I just play my iphone games and laughing.

Late set up, she scold.
Early set up, she also scold.
  Haiz.. Be creative lah, boring about your scolding already.
When she scold then it's just a joke for us, we will laugh.
Even drama class also can't safe me, I can't control my laughing.

Actually not much about my job,
It's not a hard job to me.
But, I am just so lucky that I can met such a "Best Woman."

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