Friday, January 15, 2010


Do you try before,
You are alone,
Siting outdoor with a drinks of starbucks,
Looking up the night of the sky?

It's a enjoyable night for me.
I'm alone drinking starbucks and siting at the open air area.
Late at the night, it is 11something, almost 12.

It's silent, with only few people around there.
the wind is cold and comfortable.
I like it very much.

I'm siting and looking right up to the sky.
Do you really look at the sky carefully?
It's actually amazing for me.

If you look carefully,
You can realize that the sky got alots of colours.
You can see dark blue some part, lighter blue some part,
like greyish some part, abit like black some part,
with clouds some part.

Sometimes you see that the sky is just oni few stars with bright blinking,
But once you sit down and look right up to the sky,
Carefully, you can realise that the sky is actually full with stars.
It's depend on the brightness of the stars.

I'm spending my time there almost more than one hour.
Observing the sky, the stars, enjoying the moment.
I saw the sky full with stars,
you can't imagine how full is it,
even you can't snap this scenery,
you just can see it and enjoy it,
because the stars is keep on blinking,
sometimes brighter, sometimes not that bright,
not at the same time.

I keep on observing the stars,
and maybe I'm lucky,
I saw one part of it is alots of stars blinking very nearby,
so I observe it carefully,
and I realised it is a horoscope sign.

I can remember the shape of it,
And I check it online.
If not mistaken, it is Aries.

I'm happy.
And I enjoy this night very much.

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