Monday, January 25, 2010

Shout Out

I gonna shout out,
if not i think I am the coming one who need to visit psychology doctor.
I had been keep all the things happen too long.
I had been always submit to humiliation.
And I had been I had been blablabla..
Okay, enough!
ENOUGH for all of it.


Am I too kind?
I think so.
Nope, actually is
I stupid.
I naive.

Think that treat people with yr true heart,
 then people will oso treat you with heart.

Believed that treat people with your true heart,
one of the day people will realise.

That's me who always want to treat people good.
And also that's the reason why I can submit to humiliation so long.
Even until never get respect.
Even my self-esteem being hurt!


Please watch your words.
Although it was kidding, I can accept.
But the kidding is too over? Sorry, i gt hurt.

Is my feeling being concern?
I don't think so.

Am I being respect?
I don't think so.

I am also a human.
You are also!

Please watch your words about what you talking,
Please care about people's feeling,
Please care about people's self-esteem,
AND Please respect people.

My speaking is not as important for you all.
My speaking is just talking to the air.
and what i talking is not what i begging for.
Please take note!
I am not a beggar lor, fucker.

From now onwards,
I am going to try to keep my mouth shut and talk less to blablablabla. whatever.

I am being EVIL soon to those specific ones.
Don't blame I am being that bad, it is your fault to force me become that bad.
Thats all.


  1. Take a chill pill..
    what happen? who make you so angry ah... aiyo
    bday dun1 be so angry la haih..

  2. Yea.. Birthday din be so angry de..
    Dun worry I notink.. This is before one, just i not yet publish oni..