Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Shopping Day

Now is Saturday again.
I realised that I had been shopping every Saturday for around 4weeks le.
But, I seems bought not that much things.
My friend too.

We are thinking that
"Is our demand problem? or the marketing supply problem?"
We can't even get the answer.

Today hope so I can buy more things lah.
I really going to be impatient le.
For the past few weeks,
From afternoon 12 onwards,
we start shopping until 10 at night.
But, we just can get the most are 3items only.

SungaiWang and Timesquare,
we are not going to shop.
Because there are not suitable for us.

The Mines
and now we left Sunway to go.

Is today going Sunway?
Not sure yet..
But currently I'm waiting my friend at her hse for....
Blow hair,
On phone,
and as extra.

Mostly everyone know that I m the LATE queen.
But, today it was not ME.

I'm happy!

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