Wednesday, January 6, 2010


when I'm on the way driving back to my house,
I met something which is.. can say so is weird lah..

I'm in the car, driving,
from abit far away,
I saw something that look alike a cat want to cross the road,
then I slow down,
I think that it will past the road before I reach the distance it cross the road,
but I getting nearer,
it wasn't a cat,
it is a squirrel.

Then I keep slowing down my car,
it is abit slow to cross the road,
once I going to reach the distance that it cross the road,
Omg, it stopped and looking at me,
In my mind, and with my action,
I'm going to stop my car at the middle of the road,
but, oh no,
behind got the other cars,
I just cant stop so suddenly even I'm slow,
then I just decide to past through the squirrel which my tayar won't hurt it.

After I past through,
I really hope that the squirrel can "escape" from the others car and alive.

I felt weird because of
I never seen before a squirrel cross the road,
I never expect that the squirrel past until half way then it stop and look at me.

When it stopped, my brain really comes out with this question mark,
Why the squirrel will live in this city area?
Why the squirrel don't cross the road faster?
Why the squirrel stopped at the half way?
Why the squirrel looking at me?

Stupid squirrel, god bless you,
hope you are alright now.

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