Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Explore more

I had been continue working after I finished one of the roadshow job.
Finally, I decided to stay in the same company which I had been working before.
I think I will be better.
Although it is a tiring job for me,
but what am I looking forward is HAPPINESS.
Tired but as long as I'm happy.
It's worth!

After the suffering days of working roadshow,
I think deeply about it.
Recall what I had learn from the roadshow.
Recall what I had been experienced during the roadshow.

I realised what I explore the most is

The different humanity of every human.
The mood.
The manners.
The attittude.

I'm thinking about why some of the people will be so emotion?
I'm thinking about why some of the people will be so bad manners?
I'm thinking about why some of the people will be like this? or like that?
I'm thinking, thinking and thinking.
I'm going to explore more about it.

Trying to make myself a talent to look into human. :)

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