Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For the past, I like photography.

EXTREMELY into photography.

extremely like to capture the nature of the world.

The nature of the world is the most beautiful that I think.
every moment, the nature of the world maybe keep on changing and changing.
When the moment you can capture this scenery,
next moment you may not able to capture the same scenery.
With the same meaning, today you can see and capture this scenery,
but tomorrow and maybe forever, who's know,
you may not meet the same scenery anymore.

It is just like the meaning of,
Appreciate Life and What you have.

This few days, once I free I will walk out from my house,
walking around my housing area and looking at the sky,
accompanied with my camera.

 This is one of the photograph that I prefer more.

There is a philosophy of photograph that I think it is very greatness.
It makes me think about photography become more meaningful and greatness.

"Photography is a kind of magic
that can keeps the moment become forever."

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