Sunday, February 7, 2010

Orphange "Rumah Hope"

Today, we went to Rumah Hope to do our moral social project.
It is really extremely tired, like just finish climbing. XD

We have few activities for children.
1- Using angpow to make CNY decoration.
2- Make pop-up
3- Games session

First of all, I would like to say, when I saw them happy,
I am also happy with them.
Hopefully all of us have the same feeling.

What we can help and donate, is just a little.
But what we can give the most is happiness and memories.

Making CNY decoration

They hang the decoration at the both side of the entrance.


It is really touching me that they wrote
"home sweet home", "my sweet home"..
It is kind of feeling that they really hope to have a sweet home.

When I saw it, I think about myself,
and I am even 100times happiness then them.
Many people too.

Really, appreciate what you have now.

Game session

Lastly, It is time for us to leave. Byebye every children.

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